Taplow House Hotel is an amazing place for a wedding, and Pippa & Anthony were very lucky indeed. It had been very very foggy for the 24 hours in the run up to the display but it started lifting about an hour before we were due to fire. There was still some mist in the air but I think that only added to the atmosphere…

Suggested Budget – £1750-2000

Pippa & Anthony picked their own music to, and I their choices allowed for a great wedding firework display. We always encourage couple to choose their own music, it’s nice if the tracks really mean something to them.

With their neighbours being so close, Taplow House Hotel ask for the fireworks to be as quiet as possible.  With careful product selection and a bit a creativity we were able to keep the impact high, and the fact that quiet wedding fireworks tend to be lower level effects actually worked in our favour with the slightly reduced visibility on the night.

“It is so awesome and I love that we can see some of the guests watching!  Thanks so much, yet again! You are so clever and you are the best!

Just really going to have to invent another party so that we can have you again and again!

You guys deserve so much!

The rest of the Wedding was great too – but you were awesome!

Thank you again! Lots and lots of love and Happy New Year!”

Jacqui (Client)