Professional Firework Team based in shropshire

About Us

To have an interest in fireworks is not enough, it takes a dedication and passion to do it with flare and enthusiasum (It also helps if you like late nights, the cold and the dark!). So why do we do it ???

Who are we ?

For as long as we can remember fireworks have been a common passion between us. Some of our earliest memories are pushing our faces up against the fence at Shrewsbury Flower Show to get a better view of their amazing fireworks. In 2011 we decided to start our own company and take our passion to the next level. Since then we’ve been delivering the highest quality fireworks displays set to music using a selection of the best pyrotechnics available here in the UK.

Why Us ?

We always aim to deliver a totally bespoke, totally amazing experience for all our customers. No matter what your budget we will always guide you to a solution that will WOW! all those in the audience. 

Using the latest wireless technology there are no limits to what is possible. We are able to place fireworks in places previously impossible. The goal is always to surprise and amazing. 

Our Team


Brother number 1. They got it right first time!


Senior Display Technician

Brother number 2, and the one who doesn't get to type stuff on the website!


Senior Display Technician

Our longest serving team member!

What we do
Wedding Fireworks

Wedding fireworks are a speciality of ours. Adding some special sparkle to a big day is what we do best.

Event Fireworks

What ever your event, what ever your budget we can help add something special to your day. Indoors, outdoors, big or small we can help!


Special Effects for Stage, Film or TV is something we’ve been involved in from the start of our company. We’ve worked on Film sets, and with some of the biggest names in the business like the BBC and ITV. 

Festival Fireworks

Adding fireworks to the finale of your festival can be an amazing way to send a message to the watching crowd. 

Gender Reveals

Boy or Girl? Only we will know and will reveal it using a combination of Yellow, Pink and Blue fireworks!

Birthday Fireworks

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Only one thing could make them better and that is FIREWORKS!