How Much Do Fireworks Cost?

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent value for money, but how much should you budget for fireworks at your wedding or event? We’ll go thoguh all the options here so you can get the very best firework experience possible…

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Our Pricing Philosophy

Asking how much fireworks cost is a little like asking how much string you need, it all depends on what you need the string for!  So we have put together what we consider to be an ideal starting point in booking fireworks for your event or wedding.

All our displays are totally bespoke to your venue and budget, and the pricing detailed below should be taken as a guide only. Our prices are set a little higher than others you might see when looking around, but the truth is you get what you pay for with fireworks and we refuse to compromise on the quality of our work.

If you have any questions at all about booking a display for your wedding or event please let in touch and we’ll be happy to take a look at the available ground you have and give you some options.

Recently we’ve had to review all our prices due to a large increase in the wholesale price of fireworks. We’ve decided not to compromise the quality of our displays and are working hard to keep costs realistic. We’ll be constantly reviewing pricing over the next few months. Fireworks are mainly brought in from China, so they are at the mercy of the current world wide economic changes. 

Cut to the chase…

Fireworks to Music

from £2250

Fireworks without Music

From £1750

3-5 Minutes with No Music – £1750

This is our starting point for any display, it’s a full 3 to 5 minutes of massive fireworks. We always use wireless computer controlled ignition to make sure the sky is always full of stunning effects. Think of around £500 per minute as a really good base show. 

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Single Track to Music – £2250

The exact length would depend on the track you select, but as a guide it would be 3-5 minutes long. This is an all inclusive price and includes a PA system and power suitable for a crowd of upto 150 people. The exact specifics of the show contents will depend on your venue and song choice, but you won’t be disapointed we are sure of that! Around £750 per minute, have more budget? Then you can add length or size (or a combo of both). Everything is totally bespoke to you needs.


Quiet Fireworks to Music – £2500

We will always recommend a slightly higher budget if we are using quiet fireworks at your wedding or event. This example shown had a budget of £2500. Why? It’s pretty simple really, we have to use more individual fireworks to create the kind of impact you’d expect to see at a fireworks display.

But, all our displays are bespoke to your venue and budget, so get in touch and we can go through the exact options you’ll have…


Budget Not An Option – There is no limit

Yes that is right, there is no upper spending limit when it comes to fireworks. If you have the space and the budget there is no llimit to what we can deliver for you.

Where does the money go? Basically more fireworks, or more detail. The bigger the budget the more scope there is to match each beat of the show with a firework effect and increase the overall scale of the show. In this example the front sites were spread out over 100m wide and 1000s of fireworks went in the last 60 seconds of the display.

We aim to cater for any budget big or small. No judgements here, just amazing shows.



  • Festoon Lighting – From just £75 extra, includes portable power so they can go anywhere.

  • Video – From £250, an unbranded video to download just like the amazing examples you see here on our website.

  • Extra Big Finale – from £250

  • Bigger PA – Happy to quote for any requirements

  • Surprise – We’ll go the extra mile to keep your display a secret 


Want to discuss a potential show? Drop us a line! We’ll be more than happy to talk through your options…