We LOVE Fireworks !!!

We always make every effort to video our shows, it helps that our Director is a professional Wedding Photographer! Whilst a video can never deliver the full experience it can go along way to show off our work and what you might expect if you book us for your event or wedding. You can also find lots more examples on our Blog

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Hans Zimmer provides the soundtrack for one of our favorite ever displays. The OST from the movie Kung Fu Panda provides the ideal backdrop for an Oriental themed show like this.

The cinematic soundscape provides the ideal pace for a firework display, and we love it! Plenty of drama and buildup to a sensational finale. 

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Blists Hill Wedding Fireworks

A firework show with a personal connection for us here at Matthews Brothers Pyro, as it was a show for one of the Matthews Brothers! 

It’s a challenging site for a firework display, but an amazing one for a wedding. So we set about crafting a sound track that perfectly fitted the bride and groom. Little did they know that a surprise extra track had been added to the end, their reaction is priceless…

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Surprise Wedding Fireworks at Netley Hall

Martin had been planning it for months with us, and no one else at the wedding had a clue what he had planned for his bride. We love to be part of a surprise, and the reaction here tells you everything you need to know…

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A Pyro-Musical to Love…

This quiet display from Middleton Lodge is set to be an all time firm favorite here at Matthews Brothers. Lydia had selected an excellent track for her wedding fireworks, and it fitted the setting perfectly. Classy and hypnotic this display has it all…

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Music, what Music?

Not every show we do it set to music, some prefer a big, loud and in your face like this one from Iscoyd Park in Shropshire…

It works really well, and if the sheer volume of fireworks is what you are after in your show you can’t go wrong with this option.

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Width is Everything

Again here we have an insired music choice. This was a massive big budget show at Iscoyd Park, Shropshire. Over 100m wide it’s impossible to capture the full effect on video. But if you take into account that the main video angle is shot using a fisheye lens shooting 180 degrees in all directions, it will give you an idea of the scale of this impressive show.

Size does not come before beauty though, and as you will see there was no compromise on the design or grace of this wedding fireworks display…

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Just Gold and Silver?

Want something really special? Something really bespoke? Something really classy?

We are happy to discuss how your show might better fit the theme of your day or event. Just want a classy display using only Gold and Silver tones? No problem, we are happy to discuss any requirement.

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Want Some More?

Need some more inspiration? Well head on over to our Vimeo page. You’ll find loads and loads of shows we’ve done over the years to look through.

We don’t video every show, but a lot of them are here to see. Most people opt for the professional video option, and the end result is similar to what you see on our website and on Vimeo. This is a great way of keeping the memory forever and it’s something we highly recommed. 

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