Chinese New Year and Fireworks go hand in hand. As the birthplace of modern day fireworks they are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. When we were asked to put on a display at a celebration of Chinese New Year, but here in the UK. We knew we needed to find a soundtrack that linked East and West. It took a while to piece together, but I think we hit across the perfect combination.

Hans Zimmer provided the answer in the soundtrack to the movie Kung Fu Panda! It was the perfect mix of East and West and worked so well with the fireworks! Although not really based directly on music coming from China, this cinematic score really does have the pace and emphasis that works so well with fireworks…

This is one of our all time favourite displays now, the oriental vibe comes through so strongly in Zimmer’s soundtrack. Guests were quite surprised when they heard where it was taken from. It had been lodged in our minds for some time as an excellent opportunity for fireworks use, and this was the perfect time to test it out.

The score allowed us to use some usual effects, the screaming girandolas (or UFOs) raced into the sky to massive dramatic effect. We need a huge space to use these in as the falling debris is quite large and the flight path totally unpredictable. We were also able to use one of our favourite ground effects, the Lotus Wheel. This is a massive motorised Catherine Wheel which then in full motion is a good 8-10m wide, it’s huge and made of 12 of the biggest fountains we hold regular stock of.

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