Netley Hall Shropshire Wedding Fireworks – Martin & Lianne

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I have to say few places are perfect for fireworks, we always have to work around some kind of restriction. But Netley Hall just outside Shrewsbury, Shropshire really is the perfect place for Wedding Fireworks. Our Groom Martin hatched the perfect plan to put on a secret firework display for his Bride Lianne. They layout of Netley Hall lends itself really well to this. We hid around the corner while they got married outside in the grounds, and as soon as all the guests were inside for the meal we sprung to life and put on a pretty massive Wedding Firework Display (hard to show on video just how big it was! All the guests (and the Bride!) were lured to the gardens with the promise of a sparkler photograph. But really this happened…



Emotions were high at the end of the display and we got some great feedback. Always so nice to deliver something so special…


“Cris, I owe you a massive thank you! 18 months of planning led to a firework display that not a single guest or my bride knew a thing about! You went above and beyond to ensure that my plan came together with a firework display that was bigger than I could have imagined! Thanks for everything!” Martin (Groom)


They also had our optional festoon lighting which we think is a fantastic addition to the night. As you can see in this lovely picture by JOL Photography


Netley Hall Wedding Fireoworks


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