We are still on a bit of a high after last Saturdays display at Phasels Wood Scout Camp and Activity Centre, helping celebrate their 75th anniversary in style. You can watch the show below…



Doug Stack, the centre’s manager, gave us a really wide brief to be as creative as we wanted without “too many” bangs. We started slow with the stunning new Lotus Flower fountain. At just over 10m wide and placed a safe 25m from the crowd it fills the sky with a really beautiful moving flower effect. Something you don’t often see in firework shows in this country. We are so happy to have it available!


The show built through the first song, Rule The World by Take That and gained pace during Firework by Katy Perry. We have just taken delivery of some amazing new fireworks from our suppliers (ready for the busy winter season) so were super super excited to try it all out.


The audience was made up of mainly 1000 kids, all whipped up into a storm by The Carrots Roadshow for 2 hours before we started. I have to say D & P Events put on a great show and the kids absolutely loved it!!! Lots of interaction, dancing, games and dragging people up on stage. I think you can tell by their reaction that they had a fantastic evening !!!


I must thank Paul & Justin for helping us set up and pack away the show, without their input it wouldn’t have been such a success. And thanks also to Chris at Celtic Fireworks, and Andrew at EasyPyro for making sure we had everything we needed to put on the best possible show.