Deciding how much to spend on your firework display can be tricky, how do you know what you are going to get and if I spend more how far does that extra go?


Our prices start at £750, this is the minimum we charge but it still includes our full service. Most people spend at least £1000 and here is what that basic show looks like…



This base show includes a wide range of effects and shells from 2.5″ all the way up to 6″ in this particular show. The exact material we use depends on your site and the fireworks we have available at the time of your show.


So, if you spend more what extra do you get? Well it’s pretty simple, you get more fireworks! These can be used to lengthen the display or make it “fuller”. We here at Matthews Brothers Pyro always prefer a shorter fuller show, it leaves the audience wowed, which is the whole point of fireworks! Each of our shows is custom designed and the exact content will depend on the safety distance we have available at your site. There is no cookie cutter approach at Matthews Brothers Pyro !!!


Setting your fireworks to music is a great idea and we love to do that, but it does add to the cost and we would recommend spending no less that £1250 for fireworks set to one music track. Really amazing pyromusicals start at around £1800-2000.