Tour de Yorkshire – Stage Pyrotechnics

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It’s not all firework displays here at Matthews Brothers, we also supply stage pyrotechnics! We were really happy to be approached by the organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire to provide a finale “whoosh” above the stage of the opening ceremony in York. And were more than happy to oblige.


The brief was quite simple, they just wanted a finale hit of pyrotechnics to end the show. We set up 5 positions onto of one of the actual stages used in the Tour de France and sat back and waited for our big moment. There is a great team behind the event and there was a great atmosphere going.


So what is the difference between Stage Pyrotechnics and fireworks I hear you ask? Well not a lot really, they are largely constructed in the same way, but stage pyrotechnics are normally made to a higher grade of consistency and with less smoke. This means they have much lower than normal safety distances as the performance of the product is much easier to predict. We use the same supplier as the X-Factor for all our stage pyrotechnics, so we know we have the best stuff made here in the UK! As this event was outdoors we were able to use some of the biggest and brightest stuff. Pyro Productions were again on hand to capture the moment for us… VIVE LA TOUR !!!!

Stage Pyrotechnics Tour de Yorkshire


Stage Pyrotechnics Tour de Yorkshire


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