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If you are getting married and are looking for a spectacular Quiet Firework Display to WOW your wedding guests then you have come to the right place. We have been lucky enough to work at some of the UK’s best Wedding Venues and are trusted to go back time and time again.

All of our Low Noise Wedding Firework Shows are totally bespoke, what ever your budget each show is individually crafted to give your guests the best possible experience.

Matthews Brothers Pyro are a family business specialising in fireworks set to music using the biggest selection of fireworks available in the UK! Quiet Wedding Fireworks are what we love to do the most, so get in touch to see what we sparkle we can add to your wedding…

Quiet Wedding Fireworks at Middleton Lodge

Not all venues allow traditional fireworks and we have to seach out solutions for lower noise quiet wedding fireworks. Set amongst some of the most stunning countryside the North of the UK has to offer.

Middleton Lodge is one such place. They have livestock grazing all around the venue and whilst they seem to enjoy our firework shows we like to take care not to upset them by designing shows using products that create much less noise.

As you can see from this example there is no compromise on quality and the experience of the crowd, most don’t even notice there were no loud bangs. Take a look for yourself and see what you think…

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It was better than we could have ever imagined! All our guests were mesmerised, they absolutely loved it! HUGE! thank you for the top service from start to finish, it was the icing on the cake on our very special day!

Lydia & Toby

Everyone’s jaws dropped watching the display, even better than I could have ever imagined, you did an awesome job!

Martin Edwards

Low Noise Wedding Fireworks at Moor Hall Hotel

Moor Hall Hotel is set within some lovely greens of a golf course, but they have some neighbours very close so ask us to only use quieter fireworks during most of the display, allowing a louder finale in the last 60 seconds. 

This is a popular options for venues that want to look after their neighbours, this along with good communications allows everyone to have an amazing firework experience. 

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WOW! The display was absolutely incredible, you smashed it!

Charlotte - Iscoyd Park

WOW! The display was absolutely incredible, you smashed it!

Charlotte - Iscoyd Park
Wedding Fireworks at Middleton Lodge
Middleton Lodge Wedding Fireworks


  • There is no such thing as a silent firework, just a quieter one

  • Quieter displays are better when set to music

  • Quieter shows can cost a little more as the number of individual fireworks needed is often more

  • The RSPB state there is no evidence of a link between harm to wild birds and the use of fireworks

  • All animals are individuals, and some will still be spooked by even the most quiet of fireworks, other love them and will stand and watch the display. Owners always know thier animals best

  • We use quiet fireworks in our standard displays as well, sometimes they are the ones with the most beautiful effects!

  • We never use the term Silent to describe any of our displays as it’s sets the wrong expectation. There will be noise how ever hard we try

  • The loud bangs you hear in some fireworks are not placed there in the factory, they are a side effect of accelerating gases at the speed required to create some effects. Some people believe the bangs could easily be taken out, but this is not the case

  • Some wedding venues have noise restrictions as part of their venue licence, check with them before booking fireworks to see what they will allow

  • When designed well a low noise display will be every bit as impressive as a traditional one

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