Fireworks at Middleton Lodge

Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire is one of our favorite places to do fireworks, we’ve been working there for the best part of a decade now.  We have worked hard with the venue to build stunning wedding firework shows for their couples that keep the noise to a mimimum. Lower noise, or quieter, fireworks isn’t a compromise if they are used correctly. We think our results speak for themselves…

Venue Details

Restrictions: Quiet Fireworks Only
Average Spend: £2500-5000

As you can see most of the audience don’t even know these are quiet firework displays. All the shows are totally bespoke, professionally designed using the latest computer software to perfectly set the fireworks in time with the music. We do everything, it’s an all inclusive service. If you want to surprise your guests that is a great option at Middleton Lodge, especially at the Fig House. We bring everything with us, even the speakers. The magic all appears out of the darkness just at the right moment.

We have set a minimum recommended budget of £2500 at Middleton Lodge. This is £500 over the starting budget for traditional noisy shows. There is good reason for this. To create the impact all the way through with quiet fireworks we need to use more, and this costs more to do. But we feel strongly that if fireworks are worth doing, they are worth doing right. I think the quality of the end product, and the reaction to them, speaks for itself. If you are interested in having fireworks at your Wedding or Event at Middleton Lodge then get in touch with your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you…