About Us

We are two brothers who just love fireworks. For as long as we can remember fireworks have been a common interest between us. In 2011 we decided to start our own company and to take the passion we have for fireworks to the next level. It’s been quite a steep learning curve but we are so happy to be doing it.

I’ve loved firework displays for as long as I can remember !!!

– Nick

“I’m Nick, the younger of the two brothers behind Matthews Brothers Pyro. There is nothing I like to do more than to organise things and make loud bangs! So the world of fireworks comes naturally to me. Having a background career in logistics I am the one with the clipboard and the big ideas. There is nothing like the addictive adrenaline rush of firing a firework show and thrilling a large crowd! There is simply nothing quite like it.”

Being part of a family business is great, but we save the fireworks for the show !!!

– Cris

“I’m Cris the older, and some would say much better looking brother (can you tell who runs the website?). In the past I’ve worked as a telephone engineer and now as a photographer, so I bring a bit of creativity and a love of technology to the team. I enjoy letting my brother think he is in charge, but everyone knows the older brother is better! Right ???”


Together we aim to deliver the best possible display we can, and love the sound of a roaring crowd. We only use the very latest wireless technology to deliver the very best display results. So why not drop us a line and let us come and rock your event with an amazing show…